Switch to Soy – The Benefits of Soy Wax Candles Compared to Paraffin

Soy candle lights are an excellent option to traditional wax candle lights being that they are more green, burn much longer and are usually more cost-effective. You might have heard about scented soy candle lights because of their recent boost in popularity, but how are they unique of wax candle lights?

In conditions of burning electricity and aroma, they will be the same (if not better), which means that your love of candlelight and a nice scent will never be compromised. If you want to learn more information about Soy wax candles then you can click http://www.decorativedecor.com.au/Products/candles.

However, soy candle lights are produced from soy bean polish which is a lot less costly than the beeswax found in many traditional candle lights. Through the use of soy bean polish, this transfers the reduced costs onto the consumers, making certain your purchase is cost-effective yet just as gratifying as before.

Furthermore, they can be biodegradable and environmentally ecological so that every purchase of soy scented candlestick does not damage the environment.

The candle polish is made of soy bean polish, which really is a sustainable resource. When it comes to burn quality, they may be known to burn off much longer than paraffin candle lights and create a really small amount of soot.

Many of these factors copy into a low-cost, green and fun way to help make the changeover from traditional candle lights to soy candle lights. They come in a number of scents, sizes and surface finishes whether you prefer jars, pillar candle lights or tea lamps.

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