A Simple Overview of Clickbank University

Many others have written detailed and helpful Clickbank University reviews, so I'm not going to talk about it in detail, I just intend to give an overview of CBU and compare it to the main alternative – Wealthy Affiliate.

Clickbank University was set up in 2013 and is officially endorsed by Clickbank, the leading online affiliate marketplace for beginners to online marketing.  It's backed by a reliable source and was built by two leading online entrepreneurs.

Membership costs $49, which is cheaper than many alternatives – for example, Wealthy Affiliate is $49 a month, while Clickbank University has a one off fee of $49 for lifetime access.

Inside the members area of Clickbank University you will find two courses that are broken down into dozens of video tutorials.  These focus on building a business as an affiliate and creating your own products – you can choose to follow either or both, but it's recommended that you start with the eight week affiliate program before moving on to the six week product creation course.

There are many alternatives, but most are of low quality.  The best alternative is Wealthy Affiliate, but it's much less focussed and more expensive – costing as much per month as Clickbank University does for lifetime access to the whole series of courses, including support and the basic tools.

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