Casual T – Shirts Buying Tips For Men

Weddings that take put on the beach typically demand casual attire. However, that doesn't mean you ought to wear a couple of board shorts or swimming trunks and a T-shirt. It's important for the male guests, especially when the invitation doesn't provide specific information, to understand what's appropriate to wear to a beach wedding. 


Men can wear a crisp linen, lightweight cotton or gauze-blend shirt to a beach wedding. Guaya-bera shirts, also referred to as Cuban shirts, cigar shirts and Mexican wedding shirts are commonly worn to beach weddings. These shirts have four pockets and two vertical rows of small pleats on the front. 

Choose a top that's loose-fitting and soft but sturdy. Wear a light linen jacket for something a tad bit more formal. If you wish to wear something with color, choose summer or beach colors such as French blue, teal, light yellow or aqua. I have a small suggestion, you can look for simple plain off white t-shirt for your big day and for that you can buy off white virgil at portal.


Casual linen or cotton pants in many cases are worn to beach weddings. The pants must be relaxed and loose fitting, and they can have a drawstring waist or a zip-fly or button fly. Pants with side and back pockets and cuffed styles will also be appropriate. Colors for pants for beach weddings in many cases are off-white, beige or white, but brown or black are often worn.

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