Different Types of Smoking Pipes


You may not know this but there are different types of smoking tools and equipment. Knowing the right tool can improve your enjoyment in smoking. After all, there are different tools for different purposes. It doesn’t hurt to know your options, after all.


The Bubbler

Also known as the bubbler pipe, this pipe was originally used in Africa and Asia. Casual users and experienced smokers find this bubbler fascinating and useful. When you use this device, the smoke will float down into the tube that is reaching to the water reservoir. This reservoir will cool the smoke so when you inhale it, the cool smoke will make it enjoyable as it reaches the lungs faster. Bubbles are really made by the water when you smoke it. As the final result, the smoke is somewhat creamier, smoother, and faster. After all, the design of the bubbler is pretty impressive and nice o look at.


Glass Pipes

According to many people, the glass pipes are somewhat better than the wooden or metal pipes. The smoke resulted from the pipe is said to have better flavor and taste. This glass pipe has been designed for herbal smoking so there won’t be any dangerous chemical produced from the process. One of the disadvantages of the glass pipe is the fact that it easily breaks which can be dangerous for you and other family members. If you choose the glass pipe, you need to be extra careful.


Foldable Pipe

It is also known as the slider pipe, commonly made from metal or wood. This pipe is often said as the traveling pipe because of the sleek design. The foldable pipe is like a puzzle where you need to assemble the pieces together. Some of them are even magnetic so putting the pieces together will be super easy and fun too. If you spend most of your times on the go, this is the right item to choose.


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