Fillable PDF forms some issues users may face

PDFs are easily accessible online. They are an easy way to distribute and gather information. PDF is a popularly used format for writing articles or thesis that can then be published in PDF format. Technology was invented to make things easier for us. That it has done. Software is available to convert word docs to PDFs and to also create fillable PDF forms, making it easy for individuals or corporate. Moreover, PDFs are compatible with most OS making them platform independent.

On occasions it’s more convenient to have an editable PDF form at hand. Editable forms are quicker and easier to fill out.  Those who typically spend their day writing prefer using a fillable form to share with clients and their readers.

Here are some forms that are better off with a fillable PDF:

1.    Forms of all kinds (including those such as surveys and response/feedback ones where the recipient has to answer questions)

2.    Digital calendars or diaries and many other such uses.

3.    Ebooks.

Adobe software suite allows users to create PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Pro from the suite allows users to create interactive and fillable PDF forms. Hence, those who regularly depend on surveys, etc can learn how to create a form from scratch. Windows users have several options but Mac users aren’t as lucky. There are two software available – Adobe Acrobat or PDFpenPro.

Often after the data has been filled in, the sender desires that the document is converted into readable format only. They do not actually want any tampering however they also do not want to use the password protection feature.

A form created with Acrobat allows use of the PDF Optimizer or pre-flight feature to flatten files. The Pro version has a PDF Optimizer whereas the Standard version requires users to apply javascript to flatten the form.

To secure the form, simply using the security feature (ctrl-D, security) may also work.

Most users confuse between the Acrobat and the Reader. They face issues with editing but aren’t aware which is it.

One can determine if the form has fillable fields through a few steps:

Acrobat has a hand tool. Using it do a mouse over and watch how it works.

Notice that a fillable form has a bar at the top of the form. Using the steps outlined below, look for “Advanced” – Select File > Properties> Description.

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