Getting On A Wine Bus Tour

Well if you love wine then this probably excited you huh? We can understand that. We get excited over meaningless stuff too. Just like how some of you would go nuts over some alcohol we too would go nuts for milk tea. But we do hate how costly it is considering our very own salary. We wish milk tea had the same thing as wine bus tour in Seattle.

Now that would be something. Do you think there should be some kind of taste testing regarding tea and milk tea? We do. And it would be great if they were free too. We would not turn down free food and drink after all.

This world is already too hard to live in so we got to make ends meet by working hard and get by. So of course if there is something that is relatively free we would not hesitate to take it and make our lives easier.

Sometimes we wish that the government would hand out free food to the struggling artists, college students and employees of the world too. But that would be ridiculous since the homeless needs that the most, not us. We can understand that but we can dream, right?

And if we do get free food then you can bet your ass that we would be on that so fast like you would not believe. Getting food that you do not have to pay for is something we really strive in. Not to say that we steal food or anything, it is more like we just do not want to keep buying food when our money is already so scarce enough

But if it has to happen then we would buy. But if we can avoid it then we would not. That would just be a waste of money and it really is hard to earn money. You would have to get up every morning when you probably have not enough sleep and then g t ready for work you probably do not even enjoy.

That is on you. If you went for a job that just pays money but you do not even like then you are going to be miserable for the rest of your life unless you quit and pursue happier careers. Just like with us, we were supposed to be working in hotels since it was the kind of course that we took and graduated from.

But based on our experience in our On the Job training before graduating, we realize that catering to other people and smiling all the time, not to mention cleaning up their messes and giving them a good service, was something we hated with an undying passion. So here we are, writing articles and not having to see any new faces nor do we have to talk.

We only write and face the computer all day. And that is how we like it. Maybe if we could get some wine or milk tea while we worked then it would pretty awesome too. We would not mind since the alcohol would probably help with our brain activity.

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