How To Create And Design Your Own Shirt!

How to Make Your Own T-shirt Online ?

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That's the question that some people keep asking themselves, how can i make my own t-shirt? You are looking through Instagram for artistic inspiration and then one picture caught your eyes. It is witty , fun and probably amazing, or you just want to go with the flow and put a meme on it. Hey , we wont judge you! Just choose your picture that you so desire, then you have the ability to choose the colour and fabric as well . How do you feel about pink? Blue or even Yellow? There are a lot of options available, you can even choose the brand! Then like magic your shirt is ready and delivered to you , as an late Christmas Present. But sometimes you simply don't know how to start , or how to achieve the needed effect. Well here are some tips how to draw inspiration and keep you and your shirt popular.

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Let's face it: you don't want to look like all the rest , but you seek something original , something that will catch attention of special someone. There a lot of different ways how to get inspiration. For some it's an trip to art gallery , where famous works of art will give you the inspiration you need. Van Gogh , Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Blackman, they all can serve as an fuel for your Imagination . If art gallery is not your cup of tea, try scrolling through your social media for something worthy, you never know what you can find! Some even try to draw themselves on a paper and if its pleasing enough for the eyes it can be made into a t – shirt.

"Words are memes that can be pronounced"

– Daniel C. Dennet

Current t-shirt trends feature Memes, Internet, Gaming and movies. Anything can be made in a decent shirt. Some even tried making shirts out of Tommy Wiseau movie "The Room'' which features such delightful phrase like "Oh Hai Mark" or "You're tearing me apart Lisa!" which made in successful merchandise. Why not give it a try with your favourite movie? Just find an memorable phrase and give it a go. You can make any shirt amazing with good meme, but don't forget to check if the meme is up to date or you will achieve the reverse effect. Also you can try Deadpool logo on the shirt, you can never go wrong with Deadpool!

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Don't forget that fabric is important , how does the person feel wearing the shirt. No matter how cool or funny it looks it will never be appreciated if you feel like a tuna in a can. You must choose an fabric that makes you the most comfortable.

Who knows maybe if you are original enough you can start your own fashion business? For example if you start making t- shirts as an hobby you can sell those shirts to people who appreciate the labors of your mind and enjoy showing it to others. That is how word is spread, it's an good way to get popular and make money along the way.

I am very hopeful that my tips helped you in any way and would love to see more of your ideas coming to life. Remember : Imagination is the first step towards success.

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