How to Turn Old Sweaters into a Quilt

Have you ever had a favorite old sweater that you just did not want to get rid of? If you have than you can still save your sweaters and allow them to last you a lifetime. So why not take the time and turn your old sweater into a nice quilt.

The first thing that you will need to do is get together a nice collection of sweaters. I have found it really nice to take the old sweaters from each family member. In order to make a nice size quilt you will need an average of about three sweaters from each member of the family. This is for a basic family of four. If you have more family members than you can obviously lower the number of sweaters that you will need for this project. Once you have the right amount of sweaters you are ready to get started. Make sure that you are well stocked on thread and that you have a sewing machine for quilting. It is possible to sew the quilt by hand, but it will certainly take you a lot longer to complete this particular project without one.

To start the project you will need to cut all of the sweaters in half. This means that you will have at least two pieces for each sweater. Once you cut the sweater you will have some loose ends hanging. Don't worry about the loose ends you will be able to take care of those when you have finished sewing each section. Once all of the sweaters are cut up you can start connecting them. Start by fitting them together sort of likes a jigsaw puzzle. Take two pieces of the sweater and pin them together along the side that was cut on each half. Don't worries if one is bigger than the other, this is the affect that you want for your quilt. Continuing sewing the sweaters together until you have all of them together. When they are all put together you can do the edges. For the edging you will want to purchasing one long roll of fabric and cut it about an inch thick, so that there is enough to cover all of the edges of the blanket. When it is all done, you will have a nice homemade quilt, which has a nice little memory from each member of the family. Remember to use your imagination and be creative with the quilt to make it even more special.

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