Install CCTV Security Cameras To Stop Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is not synonymous to physicalharassment. Physicalharassment in the workplace has been around quite a while – ever since women were allowed to join the workforce, but has only been taken to light 10 years roughly ago. Ever since then, work policies were revised to stop this and to protect employees.

What is Workplace Harassment?

Harassment in the workplace has probably existed well before physicalharassment but was only already been acknowledged and identified by experts. Unlike physicalharassment, which targets mostly women, workplace harassment doesn't exclude anyone from its victims list. And it generally does not matter if you are the CEO, manager, employer or client.

This type of harassment happens whenever a person is subjected to repeated, unsolicited and unwelcome behavior that is offensive, humiliating, intimidating, and or threatening by an employer, a co-worker or group of co-workers, worker, client or member of the public.

To confront this issue directly, workplace prevention policies were put in position and human resource departments trained to deal with workplace harassment. Wireless CCTV cameras are a must, including residence safety alert devices with camera installation companies.

Protecting Workers in the Workplace

The investigation involves evaluating background documentation, policies, evidence and procedures taken around react to your complaint. If your working environment is equipped with CCTV security cameras, you may be sure things works out for you.

In most, if not totally all establishments, surveillance cameras run 24/7 and cover all areas, which means you assured the harassment was recorded. The surveillance records can be used as hard evidence in your case. 

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