Last Call for Non-Dairy Smoothie Recipes

Yes, it's that time of year. Time to issue a last call for non-dairy smoothies and wind up my temporary role as a stay at home dad. I can't say it's time to get back to teaching (I've been doing that all summer), but it's definitely time to receive a paycheck again!

The kids and I have had fun trying to beat the heat this summer. They are learning about the importance of choosing healthy snacks instead of junk food. That's how we discovered our love for non-dairy smoothies. We have some lactose intolerance among us, so we've experimented and made up our own non-dairy smoothie recipes.

Most of our recipes use dates or frozen bananas as a base. Soaking the dates for 15-20 minutes and freezing the bananas adds a little prep time. Don't get me wrong, the results are worth the effort. Either dates presoaked in water or banana slices that have been frozen ahead give those non-dairy smoothie recipes a natural thickness. However, these non-dairy smoothie recipes are a little different and a little faster. The kids named the first one

Pineapple-apple-berry smoothie

  • ½ cup fresh or frozen pineapple
  • ¼ apple
  • 2 frozen strawberries

Puree pineapple, add apple and strawberries. This makes a single delicious serving and can easily be doubled, tripled, etc.

A second favorite non-dairy smoothie recipe is a little more on the tart side. The kids call this one: The Sucker.

  • ¼ orange
  • ½ apple
  • ¼ cup cranberry juice

Put all ingredients in the blender or food processor and puree for a single serving. Simple math makes doubling and tripling this one easy also, and is a great way to help kids use math skills while having the satisfaction of success in the kitchen.

Last is a simple concoction that really depends on your affection for melons. I don't ask why, but the kids snicker when they refer to it as

Ya Gotta Love Them Melons

All you do for this is combine approximately equal parts of fresh, room temperature, melon chunks and frozen melon chunks and puree them together. That's it! What could be simpler?

Fruit is so much better than junk food for snacking, but let me caution you. Fruit is high in natural sugar that provides energy. Like any other sugar, when it isn't used immediately, it gets stored as fat. So help your kids enjoy raw vegetables for snacks too.

I hope your summer has been as much fun as ours. In addition to discovering some awesome non-dairy smoothie recipes, we've been implementing strategies to help our youngest daughter get ready for starting school – are we in for a ride, or what?!

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