Mistakes To Avoid When Posting a Video onto Your Blog

Attaching a video onto your blog can be very beneficial as it help you to increase the popularity of your product and services. However, these benefits can be limited by little mistakes bloggers make while embedding their videos.

To ensure that you are gaining all the advantages that go with using videos on your blog here are some common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.


1. Not indicating that there is an embedded video on your blog

When you embed a video it is necessary to let your viewers know so that they can see it and appreciate it as well. To do this you can leave a written message indicating its presence, highlighting the word ‘video’ to make sure that it does not go unnoticed by your viewers.

2. No Text Content

You should always include a text description with your video to give your viewers an idea of what they’ll see. Make sure that this description is interesting and captures the readers’ attention or else people may avoid the video!  A lack of interesting content is one of the most common mistakes made in personalised video marketing so make sure that you avoid it!  

3. No Customization

Another common mistake is not editing the video according to the width and length of your blog. While embedding a video make sure that the width of the video does not exceed blog’s width using the trial and error technique. This will affect the videos advanced functionality and aesthetics, pushing people to avoid the video altogether!

To increase the popularity of your blog and videos try to avoid these common mistakes. 

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