Not to Do List While Snorkeling for Honeymoon Couples


Many islands offer exciting spots for snorkeling. Couples who wish to do this activity can enjoy for many hours. However, just like many sports, snorkeling has etiquettes that need to be followed. If you’re a beginner who wish to do this activity must adhere to the following rules of snorkeling.

  • Avoid Touching the Corals – These are very fragile and sensitive living creatures found in the sea. They resemble like beautiful rocks that will force you to touch them. However, you should avoid touching them. They can be sometimes poisonous and die immediately after touching them.
  • Touch Nothing –Along with the corals, you shouldn’t be touching other things. There are wide varieties of things found underneath the ocean. But you never know the level of danger they may pose to humans.
  • Don’t Harassing the Fish and Turtle – Marine species are quite delicate similar to corals. You need to respect them and provide them space to live peacefully by maintaining a distance from them.
  • Use Biodegradable Sunscreen –A few sun-screensare found to kill and harm the reefs and other marine species. Instead of using such sunscreen, its best to use biodegradable ones. These are known to be safe for you as well as for the marine species.

Getting to Bedarra Island is not that difficult. This island is the perfect destination for celebrating honeymoon and also enjoying snorkeling.

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