Romantic Getaways at Whitsundays in Australia for the Happy Couples


The tropical North Queensland is close to the Whitsundays Island. It is perhaps one of the few true natural habitats left in Australia. The tropical rainforests that were once inhabited by the Aborigines make for an exciting and unique holiday adventure.

The Tropical Rainforests of North Queensland- Romantic Getaways near Whitsundays

Exploring the natural surroundings is not just for a day. So you have some of the best romantic getaways in Whitsundays where you can stay and explore the tropical rainforests of North Queensland that has an amazing amount of culture and history to it.

This region has both the rainforest and the Coral Reef. So the best option would be to take a four-wheel drive expedition through the region. You can get it arranged from the local stays there so that they help you to navigate through the unfamiliar terrain.

Luxurious Accommodations at the Romantic Getaways at Whitsundays

The tropical North Queensland that is close to the Whitsundays Island is known for its heritage and rugged terrain. It encompasses all the wonder and beauty of nature. The romantic getaways at Whitsundays have the most luxurious accommodations with spas and fine dining.

You can get the sightseeing, boat sailing, rainforest trail walking, picnics, and BBQs arranged from your accommodation place. This area boasts of perennial rivers, escarpment range gorges, and waterfalls. It is a premier getaway for anyone seeking the unspoiled natural splendor of the beautiful tropical climate.  

Book online in one of the best romantic getaways at Whitsundays to make it a truly memorable vacation.

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