Some Disparities Among Dispensaries

Ever since the legalization of marijuana in majority of the states throughout the country, especially for medical purposes, marijuana has been a flourishing produce, but can only be obtained through dispensaries. If under the same state, the dispensaries observe the same laws with one another despite being in different cities. 

On the other hand, most dispensaries are the same in nature – both medical and recreational. Examples of these are Powell House Cannabis Club and many others. Dispensaries, however, differ in their store hours, their accessibility from your standpoint, and in the products they sell. Some offer a lot of other products apart from the usual medical marijuana such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls etc. The various dispensaries especially differ in the prices they put on their products. These dispensaries also offer differently packaged deals such as: if you buy X amount of product A, then the next Y amount will be for free. Most other deals take the form of discounts and whatnot. The number of dispensaries in a single location also varies. In Oregon, specifically in Portland, for example, the city has beyond hundreds of dispensaries registered; areas like Dundee, on the other hand, have significantly fewer dispensaries. Nevertheless, what you are looking for can be found in one of these dispensaries, rest assured.

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