Steps You Can Follow For The Replacement Of A Dryer Ignitor

Every gas dryer is equipped with an ignitor that produces a flame from the gas supply. A broken ignitor prevents the dryer from producing any heat, thus making drying your clothes impossible. Replacing a broken ignitor is not as hard as it may appear, but it does need some reading and planning. Here are some steps that will help you in replacing a dryer ignitor.

  1. Disconnect the dryer's power cord from its electrical outlet. Close the gas supply valve on the gas line leading to the diver.
  2. Lift the lint screen out of its compartment. Remove the screws next to the lint screen compartment.
  3. Insert a putty knife in to the gap between the top panel and the front of the dryer. Press the putty knife in to the top panel clips two inches from each front corner.
  4. Disconnect the wiring harness that connects to the flame sensor on the burner can. The wirings can be basically removed using your hands.
  5. Using a wrench, remove the screws that hold the burner assembly bracket to the base of the dryer. Pull the burner assembly out.
  6. The burner assembly is connected to the igniter by a wire, disconnect this wire. Remove the remaining screws that hold the igniter to the assembly. Then pull off the defective ignitor and replace with a brand spanking new. Reverse steps five to 2

These are some basic steps that you can follow if you want to replace a dryer ignitor. If you want more help you can visit Commercial Refrigeration & Fabrication-Perth-AU-0892494889. Whenever the problem is not simple it is always better to go for a specialist and internet is the best source to find this.  

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