Things To Consider When Buying Modern Kids Furniture

Read on in my latest Mode story for modern kid-friendly furniture DIY projects that won't break the bank – giving you that sigh of relief that you can still pull off that look for less for your littles. Now say that ten times. Haha.

The vast majority of parent reports I've read and heard described the transition as easier than expected. Not without some long nights or bumps in the night, but overall not as life-altering as they were bracing for. Love them! Very good quality & modern. I actually worked directly with the designer/owner, he is a really down to earth and nice guy, comitted to quality.

As the kids are all still quite young, and totally into pink, the second bedroom follows a similar scheme. ‘We wanted to keep it pretty and not too bright,' says Henriette. They installed a click flooring system made from a type of plastic that's highly shiny and easy to clean. To soften the look, Henriette had a rug made by Loomah. You might find that your child is too scared to leave his crib while getting used to his toddler bed. But don't be too proud of yourself just yet. In time, he will be exiting the crib whenever he feels like, so be prepared to respond accordingly. We actually went ahead and bought a toddler bed…The biggest consideration is HOW your child sleeps – my son loves to be surrounded – he wanted the rails all around and sleeps comfortably that way. Just putting a small temporary rail on a big bed was not the answer. This was.

Depends a lot on size and temperament. My son was very large and we kept him in a toddler bed until 3. He looked like it fit. But (annoying) as soon as we switched to an adult he started sleeping SO MUCH BETTER. Clearly the old bed wasn't big enough. Tuck Beds by Casa Kids are ‘modern murphy beds for kids,' with the ability to be mounted horizontal or vertically to practically any wall. It takes up just 13 3/4″ of floor space when it's all closed up, leaving lots of space for play. An integrated shelf doubles as leg support.

Jim Dodge lives with his wife Michele and their two teenage daughters in Worthington, MA USA. Jim was Vice President and a partner in The Newborne Company for over ten years. He is presently an independent product design and sales consultant in the juvenile and housewares markets. Bookcase Beds can include headboards and footboards or are often sold as headboards only. The headboard has bookshelf like storage with either shelves doors or both. Of course, another option would be to buy (or borrow) a second crib. That worked well for us; my boys are only 19 months apart, so we had to have 2 cribs in the house for awhile. Molding clay is also available so the child can sit at the desk and ty to mold the clay and make figures. This will help the child to develop his or her talent as a sculptor or an artist.