Reasons Why Fiji is One of the Worlds Happiest Countries


If you happen to visit Fiji, then you’re in for a treat. Most people say that Fiji is not just an awesome country for attracting tourists, but also it makes one happy during their time. These are some of the reasons Fiji is one of the happiest countries in the world.

  • Color –Consisting a mixture of feel-good colors, Fiji is the perfect country to experience color that makes you smile. For example – the sea has a color combination of blue and green consisting of thriving corals. The marine species as well are quite unique that makes you want to dive in.
  • Community –Although Fiji attracts many tourists, their lifestyle is based on the village. The cities and towns are small consisting of low crime rate. Fijians are friendly and welcoming because of the bond and support offered to one another.
  • Food– The food in Fiji is fresh consisting of a blend of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asianregion. Organic kitchen gardens are also getting introduced in many towns and resorts giving rise to produce fresh local fruits and other vegetables.
  • Stress-Free Attitude – No rush happens in Fiji. If something is delayed, Fijians don’t panic. Instead, they’ll spend time taking a nap, talking or drink Kava (local drink)

There are tours that provide visiting Fiji islands all-inclusive service to tourists.