A Cat Expert’s Advice on How to Stop Cats from Spraying Indoors

I have seen many distressed cat owners who are troubled by their mischievous cats which keep spraying indoors. I am often called by cat owners for help because I am known as a cat expert in my neighborhood. Well, I don’t think I am a cat expert. But I know a thing or two about how to stop cats from spraying indoors.

Cats have a pretty strong urge to spray. I have seen dogs spray too. But, the urge is stronger in cats. If a cat owner calls me for help, I offer advice depending on how desperate that person is. If a cat owner is really desperate to stop cats from spraying indoors, then I would ask him to go for castration. It is not the ideal way to stop cats from spraying. But, if someone wants quick results, then castration is the best method. If a cat owner is prepared to be patient, then I would say that the litter box method is the best method on how to stop cats from spraying indoors. Some people would say that Feliway spray works in stopping cats from spraying. But, I would suggest not to use Feliway spray unless you want your house to be stinking of cat pheromones.