Ways To Sneak More Fruit Into Your Diet

Most people do not consume enough vegetables and fruits that are required in one’s daily routine. Nutritionists recommend consuming portions of vegetables and fruits daily. This is why it is very essential to introduce new and creative ways to consume fruits and vegetables. Below are some creative ways to add fruits to our diet:

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1. Smoothies

The main benefit of fruit smoothies is that people of all ages drink them happily. Moreover these are easy to prepare and you can also store them for the next day. Having fruit smoothies for breakfast can give you instant boost of energy and they also have all the essential nutrients. You can always trying mixing different fruits to make a nice and nutritious smoothie.

2. Fruit Ice pops

One of the best waysto stay cool in the extreme hot weather is by eating ice-pops. However, these contain nothing more than sugar and water if purchased from a store. You can easily make healthier version of ice pops at home from the puree of fresh organic fruit Brisbane.You can make home-made ice pops fun by adding frozen fruits or chopped nuts to them.

3. Fruit In Savory Dishes

You can add fruits salsa with savory dishes like grilled fish, meat or barbeques. For fruit salsa you can use fruits like mangos, peaches and pineapples. You can also cook fruits in savory dishes like chicken with Pineapple sauce or use peaches and apricots in coronation chicken.

Apart from these creative ideas there are other ways to add fresh fruits to your eating routine like fresh fruit desserts.