Rivertrees Residences Is A Place We Truly Called Home

The Rivertrees Residences at Fernvale Sengkang, Singapore was envisioned by Frasers Centrepoint, a real estate developer that wanted to bring the travel luxury that Singapore is known for to as full lime residents So many international guests come lo Singapore in search of waterfront access, luxurious accommodations, and innovative retreats where they can experience a new type of lifestyle All of this is provided to the residents that decide to call Rivertrees Residences home through some of the best design features, a great. central location, and beautiful, welt thought out properties

The following are just a few of the reasons whey this new development is such a stand out. Location is so important when choosing a new home, and the properly is located near several already existing services and features found in Sengkang all the same lime, the residences are an oasis of their own, silting along the picturesque reservoir and waterway that runs through the town Not only do residents have eat and access to this waterfront point. but it is situated very near several parks, preserves, and other interest waterway features such as the floating wetland  Go here for more www.rivertrees.info

With several roadways and bus routes running neat the residences, it is in a great position to reach all areas of town, as welt as nearby cities for work and travel The units at this incredible residence alt feature something new and different, depending on the type of lifestyle you are interested in enjoying. New concept cove units but right up to the waterfront and feature walkout access to the waterfront and nature While these units are extremely limited, there are several other styles of living that are available to residents and range in a wide variety of sizes  and price points that you can select from based on your personal and family needs. Residences include everything from verandas to balconies. incredible views. and then the benefit of pools. pavilions. walking paths, and a gymnasium. among other useful amenities Nearby recreational activities and venues are perhaps one of the biggest draws far future residents.We can see the nice layout here www.rivertrees.info/layout

This area is known for its resort living and lifestyle, and the best part is that it is available to you as resident. without having to leave home for a long vacation if you enjoy outdoor recreation spoils like horseback riding, cycling. boating, or fishing, you can enioy all of these things thru the comfort of the property, or nearby at recreational centers .