The role of showcasing the thoughts of a common man

An important form of art that has really spread and evolved throughout the years is Street art. It is popular in Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and other places and can be found on walls, sidewalks and street signs and so on. In the beginning, street art was done secretly in fear of being caught and put in prison because it was illegal to paint on public and private property. 

Courtesy – 2.bp.blogspot

Some people think of it as a crime, some think as a culture that holds beauty

Experts say that this movement began in the 1960’s in New York when young artists would spray their work on trains so that people could identify them as artists. When they would not want to accept rules or if they wanted to rebel they would use this style to create what is known as graffiti. You can also find some of the best street art in Sydney.

Some forms of graffiti:

  • Tag style- in this just a name or a signature is done on the walls and it may have a hidden meaning behind it, if the artist desires.
  • Bombing- this usually involves multiple colors on different surfaces or areas this is very creative and colorful.
  • Scribing- this is when graffiti is etched onto a surface so that it is hard to remove. Knives or drills are used for this type.
  • Stencil graffiti- Using cut outs of cardboard; images can be easily replicated onto surfaces.

Although the topic of street art causes controversy, it is undecided as to whether it is a bane or a blessing. Although, there are many who think of this as a crime, there are some who look further to see beauty and thoughts.