Give The Spicy And Smoky Thai Food A Try

Thai food is appreciated all around the world for its excellent taste, balance of chillies and aroma that it spreads. The taste and aroma of Thai food is lingering and is appreciated all around the globe.


Thai food has an old tradition where the food is eaten with hands or chopsticks. The dishes are enriched with colours and the taste is deep and fascinating. If you are looking for some authentic thai restaurant in Melbourne CBD then this place is sure to amaze you with its refined culinary taste.

  • Excellent Food With Great Services: The location is packed with hungry passerby who are looking for sumptuous meal. Dishes like Phad Thai Goong, Gai Pad Bai Kaprow and Somtum are loved by food enthusiasts.  Other popular dishes are Chicken grilled on lemongrass sticks and Grilled chicken and bean sprout salad wrapped in egg net. The services are great and you are always assisted by somebody or other.
  • Located At The Heart Of The City: The location of the restaurant is convenient for anybody and is easily accessible for anyone in the city. You can enjoy a good time with friends and family with a great tasting Thai dish. The food is prepared with love and aims to leave no hungry person behind.

Thus it is clear that if you want to give thai food a try then this restaurant is a must-visit. Hog into the place today and taste the yummy delicacies.