Amenities provided by a travel app on your smartphone

Smartphone applications that are available for travellers have become handy both before you leave for your destination and while you are on your trip. Many of the gadgets available nowadays have inbuilt apps that are useful in travelling.

If you are planning to take a tour to Thailand, ‘the land of smiles’, you will require a Thai app. These applications are of great help and will guide you throughout your trip.


Below mentioned are a few amenities that a Thai application can offer.

  • Maps and navigation

The facility of GPS on all smartphones is a significant advantage for any traveller. It guides to unfamiliar places and provides an accurate location.

  • Information at your fingertips

Whether you are travelling by public transport or by plane or driving by yourself, you will get all the information on your smartphone app. It will assist with hiring a taxi or finding a flight. These apps reduce all the stress associated with your travel.

  • Saves money and time

Due to the availability of these apps the cost of travelling has diminished. There are offers associated with these apps for the traveller. You can plan your trip with the deals offered on these apps and saved time and money on the travel agency or do research online.

  • Connected everywhere

With the advanced technology, you can text, message, make a phone call, send emails, update your blogs, etc. anywhere you go. This app helps to share your exact location with your friends and relatives.

How to Stay Healthy While in Thailand?

Thailand is a mysterious place. The old kingdom attracts many tourists and most of them come from different climates and regions across the world. The sudden tropical blast with a change in diet can send most people to the hospital with an annoying stomach ache. Have a look at these tips to stay healthy in Thailand.

Courtesy-The College People

Eating Local Cuisine

Distrusting that red curry won't do you any good. You're travelling and need all the energy you can get. This is not the time to be picky about your food habits. Besides eating local is a chance to get out there and explore the country. If you prefer staying in there are several app thai that offer free home delivery.

Get Your Shots

Thailand is a tropical country that has many infections and diseases that do not exist miles within your houses radius. Get yourself vaccinated so you can avoid meeting a new bug with a drug that’s sure to get you a couple of days in bed.

Smile and Wave

Thailand has animals like monkeys, dogs wandering around the streets acting all cute and innocent. Smile and wave boys, these animals are potential rabies hazards and you might want to avoid any contact with them.

Street Crime

Thailand has a notorious street crime rate and we recommend you avoid deserted places especially at night time. Stick to where the crowd is and you'll be fine.

Here are some do's and don'ts that we think you ought to keep in mind while visiting Thailand.