Hidden Features in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and commonly used social networking option opted by people all around the World. WhatsApp is also just behind it with the inclusion of features like whatsapp video status. However, there are a lot of features available in both these social networking giants which most of the users are not aware of. Here we are going through some of those features that are available on Facebook which most of you might not have tried before.

A lot of users are found to be worried about the autoplay feature of the Facebook Videos. But most of them don’t know that this feature can be disabled by going to the Settings and then Video menu of the Facebook. There you can find the Auto Play feature and the option to turn off it. Search Box is another feature of the Facebook which was not properly used by the majority of users. This can be one of the best companions for you to search for all your old friends from schools, colleges or other organizations.

The “Save Link” option which is available with each of the news feed that displays on your Facebook wall is a very handy feature. If you are busy with your work and want to check any News Feed in detail later, you can try this feature. It will add that update to the list of saved News Feeds which can be checked later by going to your Profile>More>Saved option. The game invitations are the most annoying thing that I have found on Facebook. However, Facebook itself provides an option to stop receiving such invitation. For this go to Settings>Account Settings>Notifications>Mobile>Application Invites. Now uncheck this option and in future, you will not receive any game requests from your friends. 

A Guide to Whatsapp for Pc

This most common Whats-app Hack stipulates some cool premium features. After downloading, install it upon your PC. Now install it upon your PC.

Using and installing the whatsapp in your PC isn't difficult in any respect, you only need to follow some easy steps which I am going to be showing here. In summary, the fundamental procedure on how best to utilize WhatsApp on pc is quite easy and simple. Installing may take several minutes. Your battery doesn't drain.

Soon following the launch, whatsapp started getting famous throughout the world and got an extremely respectful image available in the market. Is a comparatively new application. The application isn't difficult to install and most significantly, simple to use. Then, you got to hold your phone linked to the Internet and make certain you have the latest version of WhatsApp.You can change you whatsapp status in hindi by visiting 101 status site.

Get the Scoop on Whatsapp for Pc Before You're Too Late

One is the phone number was entered incorrectly and should be re-entered. The service isn't going to work whether the phone is inactive. Otherwise, then register with a different account. You may log in with your existent account Whatsapp or you could make a new account.

Type whatsapp within the search bar and pick out find'. Click that download button. Initially, install the application after which keeps your special ID and password. The application will reveal no results as the application isn't installed.