The Yummy Places in Singapore

Violet Oon, Singapore's precious cook and food critic, runs Violet's Kitchen area out of a shophouse in Bukit Timah. The diner's food selection is quite substantial and also eclectic with a mix of Nonya, Chinese, Indian, Malay and British recipes that commemorate Singapore's, as well as in fact, Bukit Timah's, own diversity as well as record.

Additionally away, nearer to Holland and even Orchard yet still extremely easily accessible to Bukit Timah homeowners are Dempsey Hill and also Gillman Barracks, old military barracks that have actually located new life as popular eating locations with restaurants, bars and also cafes such as Culina for artisanal cuisine, Margarita's for Mexican cooking and Samy's for merely an excellent bowl of curry at Dempsey Hill and pastas and pizza mixed with music and also art at Timbre@Grillman

Assembly Coffee at Evans Roadway, Baker & Chef at Greenwood Method, Woodworker and also Chef near Bukit Timah Hillside and also Spruce at the now-defunct but historical Bukit Timah Station house are popular cafes in the neighbourhood. We can browse at for informations. 

The Wine Firm runs an electrical outlet at Evans Roadway and even one more at Dempsey Hill that satisfy the lots of in this community who desire fine wine. Additionally, 5 out of 11 shops (go number!) by the wine retailer, the Straits Wine Company, are comfortably located in Bukit Timah at Balmoral Plaza, Cluny Court, Rail Mall, Sixth Opportunity and also Serene Center.

There are somewhat less draft beer areas here yet the omnipresent and also ever popular Bar Outcast has a branch at Cluny Court. There are Beer Market, where you can purchase salted egg yolk wings (yums!) to opt for your tipple and even the Great Draft beer Experiment at PasarBella.


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