Tips on how to improve your website SEO and Traffic

For everyone who wants to improve their website traffic, we have collected a few steps to follow. It is critical to be seen in search engines in order to get exposure to your site/product.

The first step is to take advantage of Google, so add your self to google. Google rewards personnel and businesses that are Google+ members, and if you add your location, will help you to drive people from your location to your website.

Once you are choosing your domain name, keep in mind that using a keyword as the first word in your domain might boosts your traffic slightly. Also think if you want to use a country domain, this will boost your search in that country, but hurt international searches, so choose your domain carefully.

Browse through and get familiar with Google AdWords and search for keywords that will help you maximize your websites viewership. It is helpful to use keywords that are highly used, but many times there is a lot of competition, and your page might fall down in google listings, that’s why using some niche keywords that are rarely used might bring your site higher up in the listing (but only for few viewers obviously).

Google Trends can help you to see how searches chance over time. This is useful when predicting what keywords to use, and how to get the most audience. Last important thing related to Google is to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile searches have increased dramatically over the last 10 years and drive now over half of all searches done through google.

Make quality content with appropriate pictures that are tagged well with keywords. Make it original (not copied from other websites), error-free text in a well-balanced and modern looking website. If website designing is not your thing, there is a lot of places to hire professionals, or if you want to save money there are also many YouTube video tutorials on how to create a quality website using website engine like WordPress, you can use a youtube converter mp4 to download any of the tutorials for later viewing.  And remember to keep the site simple to use.

Here are a few helpful tips to boost your website traffic.

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