Top Signs of Hail Damage On Your Roof

When hail hits your roof, it's going to knock the top layer of granules off of your shingles. Check in the gutters or in the end of the downspout to see whether there are any loose granules. This is evidence of roof damage should you discover loose granules.

1) Dents on any other metal parts, down spouts and gutters: It is simple to check for scores by running a part of sidewalk chalk across the down spout. Wherever the chalk doesn't appear on the spout that is down, there is an indentation. Additionally assess things located through your lawn, including garage doors, barbecue grills, metal siding, patio furniture, lawn art and light fixtures. If there are signs of dings, your roof is probably damaged also.

2) A/C units have a condenser coil:  This coil is made of fine aluminum fins that are often exposed on the unit. When hail hits these fin, they become bent and cease transferring air for heat transfer through them. This can get a negative impact in your unit, if only 10% of the fins are bent. This is really a solid sign of hail damage to your roof in case you discover that the unit has bent fins. Additional information on the process of hail storm roof repair can be collected from

3) Climb a ladder to the border of your roof if you're comfy: From the border of the roofing, you can see any free granules in the gutters, attempt to spot scores on any ports or discover scores on valley metal. Hail damage on the shingles is difficult to spot together with the untrained eye.

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