What Kind Of Paper Folder Should You Use?

Folding paper with hands is time-consuming. Many businesses use employees to fold paper for letters, invoices, and others, manually. The end result is usually many pieces of paper and crooked folded paper. There is a faster, more accurate and more appropriate way to fold paper. This is called a paper folder.

Automatic folder has developed a lot. They are more compact, easier to manage and congestion rarely happens. Finding the right paper folder might be more frightening than managing it.

Folding machines are arranged into several categories, depending on volume, paper, and type of folds. The two most basic categories are friction and air feed folders.

The biggest factor between these two types of folders is the paper used. The friction feed paper folder does not handle glossy paper properly, but the air feed paper folder does it.

Friction paper folders are the most commonly used folding machines today. They use rubber rollers to hold the paper and pull it into the machine to fold. Most friction style models can handle standard 20lb copy paper. However, you should check to see if the paper folder that you see can handle thicker card stock.

Most friction feed models can do one fold, Z fold, and C fold. Additional folds, such as gates or French folds will depend on the machine used.

Friction feed folders are usually available in a manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic design. The manual setting paper folder requires a folding plate that must be adjusted manually.

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