Why GMO Test Is Biased

Adding to the Significant lapse in GMO Integrity as demonstrated by the Discount for these independent evaluation results, a recent expose from Japanese scientists have revealed certainly anomalous procedures and misrepresented data in a GMO evaluation utilized prior to the release of Roundup Ready GE Soy. Several irregularities were mentioned, such as:

1) Not getting the tested soybeans sprayed with the Herbicide Roundup during cultivation – the key raison d'etre of this new variety

2 ) Providing E. coli protein for evaluation Rather than Roundup Ready soybeans for both amino acid sequencing and toxicity tests

3) Minimal feeding evaluations conducted on rats, cows, Catfish, chicken and quail, as well as inaccurately imagining results as insignificant

4) Intentional misrepresentation of evaluation results by the Monsanto firm as found by the Japanese scientists

International agency of research on Cancer declared its findings glyphosate-based the most popular of which can be Roundup, are "likely" carcinogens. Roundup cancer comprises non-Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia.People suffering from cancer after being exposure to Roundup may be eligible to file a Roundup cancer lawsuit.

Apart from these anomalies and strictly unscientific approach to this Procedures (as detected from the overseas scientists), the biotech company Compounded with its unabashed use of clout in demanding that authorities Lower its criteria for approving the GE soy, a clear demonstration of Its lack of regard for the welfare of its customers, something farmers And customers all over the world must be made aware of, and also addressed.

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